General & WebSite Policies

American Colonels is an international civil society organization (iCSO) that is developed as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with Kentucky colonels in many states and nations around the world. American Colonels provides secure decentralized online educational and information services to its members and open-source Creative Commons content to users.

This WebSite belongs to its administrators, authors, developers, editors, researchers, sponsors and technicians whom together are its members that decide on the proprietary and nonproprietary (public domain) content that is displayed. This WebSite defines its 'users' and 'members' distinctly.

As a WebSite that provides 'services' to our members and users it is our responsibility is to provide confidentiality in our distinct administrative relationship with them. Our members for all intents and purposes are co-owners or stakeholders of this WebSite and thus our organization. Third-parties refers to users, viewers and others (the public). None of our material is published or expressed for any commercial purposes under US Law, nor may the content be used to for profit. We do not provide membership services to the public.

Our Content

Our content and presentation of it is based on the First Amendment of the United States, Freedom of Speech and the Right to Assemble peacefully. This organization and its members strive to be compliant with all laws of the United States and Kentucky including the United States Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) and the Kentucky Revised Statutes (KRS).

The great majority of our "content" is based on information collected from the public domain such as government documents, newspapers, books, and soon audio recordings. None of our content is considered objectionable or subject to censorship.


None of the information collected through our cloud service provider Google or Google Analytics is shared with any third-parties. Our members may voluntarily provide data through Google Forms to be listed on our membership roster or to have membership services provided to them for free or for an annual fee.

Our organization contracts Google as a professional service for 'services' which are advertising free and the data that is collected about members or the public is used to only to improve our website and open-source services that we provide. Neither the American Colonels nor Google will sell or market the data that we collect to any third parties. Anonymous data such as age and demographics relative to interest profiles in our content may be used to improve our content or reorganize the content provided by our organization.


We only accept submissions of content from other colonels by email. To submit content please send an email to webmaster@colonels.net with PDF, DOCX, PNG or JPG attachments of up to 3 MB, other file formats will be rejected.


Our License is for all Persons and Bots which includes all Users, Viewers, Researchers, the News Media, Search Engines, and all Others that can view this WebSite. Our License Policy is Creative Commons 4.0 which is based on Share-Alike, Non-Commercial Use and Attribution. To read more about Creative Commons 4.0 please visit the Licensing Scheme online at their WebSite.

Specific Policies

The Commonwealth Colonels maintains four basic Policies for our WebSite for Users and Viewers.

  • Cookies Policy

  • Disclaimer Policy

  • Privacy Policy

  • Terms & Conditions

Other terms, conditions and policies may be applied here without notice and as necessary to maintain our legal status as a private membership organization under development that is transparent and open to the public.